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CHQ Assembly: Embark on a Journey of Wisdom and Fulfillment

CHQ Assembly is more than just a streaming channel. It’s a sanctuary for lifelong learners seeking to explore the best in human values and the enrichment of life. 

Hundreds of Lectures | Watch Anytime, Anywhere 


See How CHQ Assembly Enhances Everyday Life and Learning

Kristopher Alexander giving a lecture in the Amphitheater

Elevate Your Mind, Celebrate Humanity

Discover a curated collection of inspirational lectures, captivating conversations, and profound performances. Hear from world-renowned experts and artists that transcend traditional boundaries. Start embracing the best in humanity’s collective wisdom.

Rabbi Michael Shire giving an interfaith lecture in the Hall of Philosophy

Unravel the Tapestry of Human Values

Explore the profound depths of human values through thought-provoking themes. Then delve into the most important social, religious, and political issues of our times. CHQ Assembly is your gateway to understanding and appreciating the diverse tapestry of values that shape our world.  

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Discover Diverse and Enriching Programs

Experience dynamic educational content tailored for students to foster curiosity and academic growth. Become captivated by thought-provoking lectures designed to inspire retirees looking to continue their lifelong learning. Join a platform that transcends age boundaries, delivering a blend of entertainment and knowledge.  CHQ Assembly ensures there’s something for everyone.

Molly Williamson giving a lecture in the Amphitheater

Access Enlightenment Anywhere, Anytime

Ensure your pursuit of knowledge and exploration of human values is always within reach. CHQ Assembly is designed to fit seamlessly into your life. Whether you’re at home, commuting, or taking a moment for yourself.

CHQ Assembly is the digital expression of Chautauqua Institution, exploring the very fabric that makes us human, celebrating the best in our shared values. At CHQ Assembly, the journey of lifelong learning is a celebration of humanity itself.