Co-Creating the Chautauqua Experience: Our Shared Promise


There’s something wonderfully different about Chautauqua.

We all play a role in the promise of a delightful Chautauqua experience by creating a respectful, engaging, positive, and safe setting for everyone. This includes experience for patrons and special guests, staff and leadership, vendors, and volunteers.

Here is some helpful information to make your Chautauqua Experience that much better:  

  • Share the above video and this information with everyone in your party. Only those who bought tickets o gate passes directly from the Chautauqua ticket office receive this information.
  • Introduce yourself to our staff and thank them for their service. Many of our staff are having their first employment experience this summer. We invite you to help us mentor them while they are with us.
  • Join our forces for a safe, family-friendly environment. Trust your instincts if you see something that doesn’t seem right. Contact Safety and Security at 716-357-6225 or share your observation with the nearest staff member. 
  • Give us feedback. You’ll receive a survey after you leave Chautauqua. 
    • Help us serve you and others better by completing and returning the survey while your Chautauqua memories are fresh. Please feel free to recognize staff members by name who made your experience amazing. 
    • When things go wrong, as they sometimes do, you can nicely bring the situation to a supervisor’s attention. Whatever the issue, calm heads and hearts will find the best solution. 
  • Review our venue, ticketing, and other policies at

Thanks for helping to create a respectful, engaging, positive, and safe community at Chautauqua.  

Share your positive experiences at Chautauqua on your favorite social media channel using the hashtag #CHQPromise!