Dr. Robert R. Hesse Business Center is in the Main Gate Welcome Center. This facility offers professional workspace with fee-based services including room rentals, printer, scanner, photocopier and faxing.

Private golf carts are not permitted on the grounds. Chautauqua also does not offer golf cart rentals.

Gifts can be made by visiting If you have any questions or would prefer to make your gift over the phone, please call 716-357-6404, or email

The network is CHQGuest and is available throughout the Institution grounds.

Venue Entry Screening A “clear container” policy is in effect at the Amphitheater and all other venues during the Summer Assembly. This means that if your bag is larger than 4.5″ x 6.5″, it must be see-through. We are sorry, but mesh bags do not allow us to see the contents well enough. Bags must be clear. Patrons are welcome to bring backpacks, diaper bags or other totes to Chautauqua Institution to facilitate their visit. Still, if they want access to a specific venue, they must abide by the clear container policy. Solid containers for personal items, like a wallet...

Chautauqua is an excellent spot for picnics, whether you’re visiting for the day, week, or the entire season. You’ll find picnic areas scattered throughout the grounds, with a concentration of tables at Miller Park and around the beach area near the Pier Building.

Chautauqua’s Lost and Found Office is located in front of the Farmer’s Marketing building near the Main Gate Welcome Center. Lost and Found is open during the Summer Assembly from 8 a.m. to noon and 1 to 4 p.m. Monday–Saturday. You may call Lost and Found during the Summer Assembly at 716-357-6314.

There is a Post Office located on Bestor Plaza.

You do not need to wear your gate pass, but it will be scanned as you enter or exit the grounds and performance venues.

There is no formal dress code and Chautauqua is a causal place.