There are no facilities for campers or motor homes.

You may reserve rental moorage on a space-available basis at our Central Dock office. For weekly mooring or first-time registrations of season boats, please call 716-357-6288 after the first week in June. Full-season boat renewals may call the ticket office. 716-357-6250

Chautauqua is a pet-friendly community and many rental properties allow tenants to bring pets; be sure to check to see whether your accommodations permit house pets. The Athenaeum Hotel does offer pet-friendly rooms for a fee. Pets should be registered, for a small fee, at the Department of Safety & Security. Dogs must be leashed and cleaned up after and are not permitted in certain areas on the grounds. With the exception of service animals, pets are not permitted in any Chautauqua Institution buildings or program facilities. A dog park is located at the north end of Turner Community Center....

Yes, Chautauqua loves bikes, and it’s a great way to get around the grounds. We ask that you register your bike with our safety and security department.

Choosing to stay on the grounds lets you dive into the vibrant Chautauqua community. It’s a chance to fully embrace the one-of-a-kind Chautauqua lifestyle and make the most of your experience.

Most patrons park in the Main Lot across Route 394. Check with your accommodations to see if your rental includes a parking space.

Chautauqua manages several accommodations, including the 150-room Athenaeum Hotel, Minerva House, and Bellinger Hall. In addition, visitors often opt for private rentals, ranging from houses, condos, and apartments to studios, boarding houses, and denominational houses. Visit for more information.

Chautauqua Institution offers a variety of programs and events throughout the year, but its main season typically runs from late June through late August. During this time, you can experience a wide range of cultural, educational, and recreational activities, including lectures, concerts, performances, and outdoor recreation. Many visitors choose to come to Chautauqua based on a specific weekly theme or event. Each week during the nine-week summer season has a different theme so pick a week or event that interests you and your family most! There are also events during the fall and spring, with the Athenaeum being open for...

When planning your visit to Chautauqua Institution, securing accommodations should be your top priority. Popular weeks at Chautauqua can sell out months or even a year in advance. All accommodations within the Institution’s grounds are privately owned, except for the Athenaeum Hotel, Bellinger Hall and Minerva House. To explore and secure accommodations, visit

Many of the children on the grounds participate in Children’s School, Group One, or Boys’ and Girls’ Club. Experienced teachers lead the children through a variety of activities. There is a bus available to transport the children to and from the School. The Youth Activities Center is designed as a gathering spot for middle schoolers and high schoolers, with a snack bar, games, pool tables and table tennis, as well as television and lounge areas. Dances and weekly special events are also offered. The Sports Club offers board and lawn games, ping-pong, and hosts the annual Beach to Beach Color...