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Request a free guide to Chautauqua Institution which highlights the rich and vibrant tapestry of our lakeside community. Chautauqua’s tapestry is made of countless threads, and it is only in the weaving that its true beauty and unique story emerges.

An abridged version of that story unfolds as you turn the pages of the Chautauqua Guide, learning how Chautauqua has become the pre-eminent place for lifelong learning through inspiring programs and intergenerational experiences. Over nearly 150 years, millions have been inspired by visits to our historic lakefront grounds. Learning, discovery, reflection and play intertwine here. Families and friends gather here. The conversations start here. The mind, body and soul are nourished here. And then, when it’s time to return to our home communities, the conversations continue as they also lead to positive action.

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