2024 Scholar: Jennifer D. Sciubba

Tuesday, July 16–Thursday, July 18, 2024
8:30–10 a.m.

This year’s Scholar in Residence program will take place at Fletcher Hall.

RSVP to: 716-357-6404 or email rsvp@chq.org

This program is made possible thanks to generous support from the Edward L. Anderson, Jr. Foundation.

A World of 8 Billion

Overarching theme:

Over the three days we will walk through the three main drivers of population change—fertility, mortality, and migration—and discuss historical and projected trends. We will highlight regional differences in the political, economic, and social implications of those trends, including their relationship to conflict and economic prosperity. By the end of the series, we will have a clearer sense of whether the world of the future will be a better one than the world of the present.

Day 1: Fertility: Human populations generally go through a demographic transition from high fertility and mortality to low. We will discuss the revolution in human birth patterns that have led to widespread population aging today.

Day 2: Mortality: Life expectancy has improved so much over the last two centuries that we have in essence added an extra life. Yet, many health challenges still remain, including in wealthy countries.

Day 3: Migration: No demographic trend is more politically charged than migration. We will look at both conflict and economic migration and explore the difficulties in disentangling the two.

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About the Facilitator

Jennifer Sciubba in a red blouse

Jennifer D. Sciubba


Jennifer D. Sciubba, Ph.D., is a leading expert in political demography. Throughout her career, Dr. Sciubba has asserted that a deeper understanding of fertility, mortality, and migration trends points us toward the investments we need to make today to shape the future we want tomorrow. Dr. Sciubba aims to strengthen resource mobilization capacities, increase organizational visibility, and facilitate innovation and creativity in PRB’s work and culture.